Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sorry about no posts in a month plus..

They decided that Blogger is a "bad" thing to use when bored at work...   I'm hoping that when I get home, I'll decide to throw in my thoughts about the Rich Iott issue.. and how STUPID i think the "Young Guns" group has become over this "Nazi" re-enactment issue... and why the liberals are barking COMPLETELY up the wrong tree here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Partial Fiorina vs. Boxer liveblog...

.. decided to watch and blog (a little) of the CA debate.

9:20 PM  So far, the questions have been clearly slanted in favor of Boxer.  Not surprised the first video question was aimed at Fiorina.   Not sure what a "Tax Holiday" is good for.. and saying we need to follow the Chinese?

9:21 PM.  Nice jab by Fiorina on Washington not aware of private business.     And a second shot directly at Fiorina and her HP career.    And then to compare Teachers with CEO's?    When did a teacher run a $80+ Million dollar company, compared to a CEO.

9:23 PM   SF Gate going after Boxer for her "ma'am/senator" issue.   And once again, Boxer showing her complete incompetence in the 'respect'  (Does anyone believe she called the general?   Nope.. me either).   So where are the tough questions for Boxer so far?   

9:26 PM    So far, Fiorina's on the complete defense with the HP severance issue other than the stockholder comment.  But thumbs up to Fionna for the "extra govt. agency".

9:27 PM.   A THOUSAND rights denied to civil unions members?    Right.. I'd be interested in seeing those denied rights.  

9:28 PM    Prop 8 comes up.  Again, WHAT rights do married couples have that Same-sex couples don't have?    And Boxer going back after the HP story... is that all Boxer has right now?

9:30 PM    Feinstein can work with the other side of the aisle? Say what?   Which universe do Californians live in?     So where does Boxer disagree wtih Obama?  Exit strategy for Afghanistan... what?  Obama doesn't want one?   Consumer protection agency?  Isn't that what the Better Business Bureau is for?  That's the best she can come up with to try to separate herself from Obama?

9:31 PM   Ooh.. big slam by Fiorina on the bill being moved from Boxer to Kerry because "Kerry could get more bipartisanship".. ouch!   And a quick shot at Cap&Trade

9:32 PM    ESRC...  Fiorina with a useful pro-life story.    Avoiding the ESRC answer (IMO), while taking a shot at Boxer.. Nice jab "No rights for baby until they leave the hospital".    The debate handler definitely pro-Boxer, trying to change the entire question from ESRC to Roe V. Wade.   That wasn't her question.

9:35 PM  Boxer claims Doctors and women would go to jail if Roe Vs. Wade is overturned?  Say what?   And Boxer trying to turn the "4 bill" comment to her favor and getting nowhere on it

9:36 PM   The "Blame Bush" question... "Obama inherited bad economy"... LOL.   Boxer claiming they're taking responsibility.    Too funny to even answer that response.  Complaining about a $1.3 T deficit... when our current deficit is.. what?  5T now and growing?      If Fiorina doesn't knock this one out of the park, she's gonna lose this debate without a shadow of a doubt.   This is the one where she should own the debate... nice hit on the 400K jobs promise, with the 2.3M unemployment increase.

But that was her only good response in that one.  Fiorina is fighting an uphill battle here for me.

9:40 PM Global warming and Prop 23?  Not sure what prop 23 is... I'll have to go look that one up.  Ugh... don't like Fiorina's answer about a national energy bill... Give more money to the universities?   Double Ugh... I like the fact she's not going to write off nuclear power.    And again, the liberal bias showing from the moderator.

9:43 PM - Clean Air bill re-enactment means we're not going to have US jobs?  And another shot at her HP position.   Boxer's not going to let that up tonight is she?  I think that's her only bullet.

9:45 PM - Miissed the farming question...   So wait a minute.. the Estate Tax is only good for "big businesses"?    Class warfare at it's finest.      Heehe.. nice job on nailing Boxer on her votes against "Death Taxes".  Fiorina nailing Boxer on the central California valley farming... This is one area i didn't think Fiorina was going to  score well here, but she's ripping Boxer on this one

9:47 PM -  "No Fly List" question..   LOL.. I didn't know about Edward Kennedy being on the No Fly List.   How did I not see that one anywhere on the blogosphere?    She's right about "not giving up constitutional rights".    Boxer getting way off the message here.. she's implying we don't have the right to have guns.     No Fly List vs. Terror Watch LIst.. Nice shot by Fiorina

9:51 PM -  Hmm.. assault weapons ban in place since the 1980's.  Time to go find the crime stats for California since 1980.

Closing statements:   Carly Fiorina with a great "personal" story.   Boxer is "stuck" on the jobs to China/India idea.   (How long ago was she the HP CEO?). And Boxer trying to tie Fiorina to big oil.   That's not a good idea when California needs jobs (and offshore drilling).   

The moderator was a complete disaster , the journalists were so pro-Boxer. and all thechosen video questions attacked Fiorina.   Of course, I dont' think I expected anything different in the fact that it was "Democrat controlled territory".  (was surprised how short it was of a debate).    Carly could have done better (IMO) on the jobs and the ESRC/Abortion issue, but she had solid hits on the farming (especially that area)  and the gun bantopics

Boxer was a broken record, who I don't think knew where she was supposed to try to hit.. and missed a bunch.   Unfortunately, Fiorina just wasn't given the chance to hit that home-run ball that I think she has in her.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Liberal network complains that Murdoch is too powerful...

.. only this time it's not ABCNBCCBS, or even MSNBC or CNN...

nope, now it's the BBC!

Mark Thompson, the BBC director general, has launched a scathing attack on Rupert Murdoch's media empire, warning that BSkyB is too powerful and threatens to "dwarf" the BBC and its competitors.
The man is a menace on both sides of the Atlantic.. he must be stopped, or it'll be a global news takeover by someone not named Ted Turner! :)    I swear, if you remember the news-mogul in James Bond's "Tomorrow Never Dies", I'd swear that's the picture all these liberal network owner/managers would use for Mr.Murdoch.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

So those of you condemning my home state as "racist"

I'll be honest, when I first saw this story about a school system in Mississippi promoting "racial quotas' on their student govt. positions... I was dumbfounded.  ( I have one extreme liberal on Facebook in particular who has blasted Mississippi for Refusing to allow a gay student to wear a tuxedo in her senior photograph... and then this one.)

The first one I could have made an argument against.   Basically, you follow the dress code... hell, I'm sure there are some people who can't stand the dress codes where they go to school, but they _Follow_ the rules.

But this story about the racial quotas (especially, considering they'd been in place and using them for 30 years...) I had no way to explain away..

 ...Until I read the ENTIRE article.

So now.. not only do NY'ers who don't want the mosque get it...

.. but their taxes have to help pay for it?

The Muslim center planned near the site of the World Trade Center attack could qualify for tax-free financing, a spokesman for City Comptroller John Liu said on Friday, and Liu is willing to consider approving the public subsidy.

The Democratic comptroller’s spokesman, Scott Sieber, said Liu supported the project.

"If it turns out to be financially feasible and if they can demonstrate an ability to pay off the bonds and comply with the laws concerning tax-exempt financing, we’d certainly consider it," Sieber told Reuters.

Spokesmen for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor David Paterson and the Islamic center and were not immediately available…

The mosque’s backers hope to raise a total of $70 million in tax-exempt debt to build the center, according to the New York Times. Tax laws allow such funding for religiously affiliated non-profits if they can prove the facility will benefit the general public and their religious activities are funded separately…

Talk about a double-whammy... and the NY idiot legislation is probably going to go for it too...I honestly, don't know what to say about this anymore... (although I'm sure some of my Facebook friends will have no problem telling me why this will be okay, but a tax-subsidy to rebuild that Greek Orthodox church that went down in the crash will be "wrong"?).

And to think, we laugh at the movie "The Happening"

Considering I was actually making the grass to cry out in pain?

The lovely scent of cut grass is the reek of plant anguish: When attacked, plants release airborne chemical compounds. Now scientists say plants can use these compounds almost like language, notifying nearby creatures who can "rescue" them from insect attacks.

So apparently, I'm 'attacking' my grass!      So I guess my other question is.. what do vegetarians do now?  I mean they're causing such "anguish".

First I have Tom Cruise being prophetic, and now M. Night Shamalan actually sort of getting it "right" in his movies?  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Murkoswki family must be HATING Palin supporters...

... especially with "Shoo-In" Lisa Murkowski trailing in her primary race in Alaska, behind Palin-supported Joe Miller.

Miller told the Anchorage Daily News that Palin’s support was crucial.

“I’m absolutely certain that was pivotal,” he said.

You have to think that the Murkowski familiy truly hates the Palin name at the rate their "political history" has gone.